Together we can bring the gift of light, the promise of hope, and the restoration of faith in humanity to the people of Africa.

OIT & Solar Hope

Solar HOPE teams have so far installed 34 solar electrical systems in the rural areas of Tanzania and impacted an estimated 20,000 people.


Installation Applications

Solar HOPE is accepting applications by organizations in Tanzania and neighboring countries who have a site they want to be considered for a future installation. Please fill out our Installation Information Survey if you are interested in working with Solar HOPE.

2014 Tanzania Trip Announced!

The 2014 OIT/Solar HOPE trip to Tanzania is scheduled for August 17-September 27th.  Find out more, or JOIN US.

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Why Bring Renewable Energy Solutions to the Developing World....

In a struggle to create momentum for action in developing alternative and renewable energy sources the expectations seem always to reside in the willingness of the developed nations and their economies to adopt new endeavors. Almost exclusively, the needs and goals of economically advanced nations are presented as being the most important factors that drive the progress. However, there are much nobler ways to bring prosperity and progress to the world as whole. More important than the need to further increase the already highest in the world per capita energy consumption in North America, is the responsibility to bring basic life necessities to those regions of the world that are underdeveloped and to those that have no means to produce energy at all.


Friends of Solar HOPE

We have been fortunate to work with, for, and beside a number of amazing people and organizations in our mission to bring renewable energy to communities in the developing world.

This list highlights Solar HOPE friends and partners who have made the efforts both easier and more satisfying. Thank you!

  • CPEC

    Creating Partnerships to Empower Communities. CPEC was originally set up to support number eight of the WHO'€™s Millennium Development Goals: to develop a global partnership for development. This is done by utilizing volunteers€™ skills and services and enable them to empower and educate the local people for long-term sustainable community development in Tanzania.

You or your organization can make a difference for thousands of families in Tanzania by sponsoring a school or healthcare clinic installation. Download our Sponsorship Packet to find out more.

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